“A smashing success! Scott Brown and Anthony King are superb comic writers. GUTENBERG! proves that two actors and a cloakroom full of hats can stand up to anything choreographed by Susan Stroman - and contains one of the most resourceful feats of stagecraft I’ve seen Off Broadway.” - The New York Times


“Inspired, flawlessly calibrated and smart. A thoroughly winning, dead-on musical comedy." -The New York Sun


“A gleefully goofy affair that’s loaded with laughs.” - The Daily News


“Hysterically funny! Writers Anthony King and Scott Brown produced an uproarious script - funnier than ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ and ‘[title of show’]." - Associated Press


“It seems that Monty Python’s whole troupe has taken possession of two New York naïfs, aspiring musical-theatre writers Bud and Doug, in this goofy and inspired parody of Broadway bombast.” - The New Yorker


“Riotously funny. - Time Out New York


“Brilliant” - New York Magazine (Approval Matrix)


“Hilarious and immensely satisfying. A delicious comic success." - Village Voice


“Zany! zany! zany! One hell of a goofy evening!” - Variety


“The funniest jokes in any musical of 2006! Fresher, more vibrant, and more truthful than most of what you see on Broadway today ... So bloody good!” - Talkin’ Broadway


“A deliciously horrifying concoction of ego and earnestness - with plenty of campy awfulness to let us laugh at the naïveté of this misguided creative team. What raises the show above kitsch is Bud and Doug’s heartfelt enthusiasm and genuine good intentions. Brown and King give their characters enough heart to make their ambitions sympathetic. Their presentation, which is as much about Bud and Doug and their own follies, carries just enough emotion to give the comedy depth.” -


“The best of the the new breed of post-ironic, tongue-in-cheek musical spoofs." -


“A small treasure.” - WBAI Radio




by Scott Brown & Anthony King



FIVE STARS!  “Contains more wit and intelligence than three decades of megashows.” - The Times (London)


“Pure anarchic virtuosity.” - The Daily Telegraph: Critics’ Choice


“Go, go, go! It’s the best musical in the history of the world, ever.” - The Guardian


“Utterly brilliant … the funniest and cleverest spoof I’ve come across in years … Mel Brooks couldn’t have done it better.” - Clive Davis.


“A surefire hit … it’s so bang on the money that, were I a speculative type, I’d almost be tempted to invest in it.” - The Daily Telegraph


“Charming … keeps its tongue firmly in its musical cheek as it deconstructs and spoofs this most overblown of genres … This two-actors-and-one-piano method is delightful.” - Evening Standard: no 1 Critics’ Choice


“Very funny … It’s done with such high spirits … that you are utterly won over. Send me the investment documents now!” - What’s On In London


“Nonstop laughs … there’s no denying the astonishing skill of the American co-creators Anthony King and Scott Brown … exactly the brand of wit one has all but given up on with musicals of late.” - International Herald Tribune


“Hilarious … they deliciously prick the overblown pretensions of many modern musicals.” - Sunday Express


“Sends up the musical form and celebrates it: deconstruction and reconstruction at once … supremely clever.” - The Observer


“Their tunes are rather better than the genuine ones … a fine night out!” - Daily Mail


“Brilliantly accomplished … there is no limit to their resourcefulness or imagination … utterly engaging and endlessly comical.” - The Stage


“Sock-it-to-’em … had me singing all the way home in the car.” - British Theatre Guide